What is the role of classical heritage in building modern, plural, diverse European identities? To answer this question the consortium From antiquity to community: rethinking classical heritage through citizen humanities (AntCom) will train a new generation of 10 highly skilled cultural heritage researchers to address the professional and societal challenges entailed by digital transition.

Our Challenge

AntCom looks at both tangible and intangible classical heritage in Europe within three main areas: 1. Manuscript heritage; 2. Linguistic heritage; 3. Ritual and narrative heritage. AntCom will provide fellows with the skills and training to lead heritage research in Europe and to be employable in curatorial institutions, science communication, industrial imaging and tourism. Within these strands AntCom students will design, implement and manage open-science projects, building on advanced techniques of digitization and data collection.

Our Vision

AntCom offers the first structured training program in Citizen Science for the humanities (Citizen Humanities). We want to train a new generation of professionals able to give heritage back to its communities and build more complete, sustainable narratives and memory practices about Europe’s Graeco-Roman past. We believe that Humanities and STEM can sustain each other in reaching this goal. We dream of skills that are not only marketable but first and foremost geared toward meeting the challenges of our time and to creating a better, more resilient society.


AntCom is a consortium of 4 universities:

and 8 associated partners:
Associazione Italiana di Storia Orale
Ayuntamiento de A Guarda
Ayuntamiento de A Coruna
Concello de Allariz
Consorcio de Turismo y Congresos de A Coruña
Fondazione Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona
Noveolas Producciones S. L.
Unione dei Comuni della Grecia Salentina


Aglae Pizzone

Principal Investigator

Claudia Zichi

Project manager (January-March 2023) (Sept. 2023-Dec. 2026)

Elisabetta Barili

Project manager

(April-August 2023)

Réka Forrai

WP training


WP Manuscript Heritage


WP Linguistic Heritage

Rosa M.
Rodríguez Porto

WP Ritual and narrative heritage. WP communication

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