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AntCom is the result of a cross-European collaboration, which has grown and developed over the years around a North-South axis. The consortium will achieve its goals thanks to the beneficiaries’ and associated partners’ diverse expertise, including history and art history, literature, theology, philology, linguistics, palaeography, library science, oral history digital humanities, physics, engineering and communication. Training will take the form of consortium-wide workshops and summer/winter schools, peer-to-peer education, practical induction, placements.

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Associated Partners

Having communities as a focus, AntCom has established partnerships with associations and public stakeholders deep seated in the territories where research will be developed and committed to the preservation of local histories.

The Associazione Italiana di Storia Orale (AISO) was founded in Rome in 2006, in response to the prompt of the International Oral History Association. Since its foundation the association has the mission of organizing training and educational activities around research on and use of oral sources. AISO also continuously work toward developing good practices in the field, and has also issued guidelines on the treatment of oral sources which lie at the core of AntCom’s methodology.

The Ayuntamiento de A Guarda preserves one of the most significant archaeological sites of Galicia, the citania – hilltop fortress – of Santa Trega, first excavated in 1912. This area was populated since the 4th century BCE and it reached its peak at the turn of the 1st century CE, later to be transformed into a Christian hermitage. AntCom will collaborate with the Museo Arqueolóxico de Santa Tegra (MASAT) in research activities, as well as in the organization of didactic and dissemination events.

The Ayuntamiento de A Coruña (Galicia, Spain) will collaborate with AntCom in the development of citizen humanities projects with the municipal Archaeological Museum and Historical Site of the Castelo de San Antón. This institution houses Protohistoric silverwear, Megalithic and Bronze Age items and some of the most significant remains of Iron Age local culture, together with valuable elements related to the Romanisation of Galicia.

The Concello de Allariz will participate and contribute to the research, innovation and training activities planes by AntCom. In particular, the sanctuary of Santa Mariña de Augas Santas and its surrounding archaeological site will be involved in research activities carried out by members of the network, and other events aiming at the dissemination of the rich cultural heritage of the city council, addressing both academics and the general public.

The Consorcio de Turismo y Congresos de A Coruña manages the famous Tower of Hercules, a Roman lighthouse still in use and World Heritage Site of the UNESCO since 2009. This historical site will be involved in workshops, seminars and conferences that will be organized by the AntCom network. The Tower of Hercules will receive early-stage researchers who will work on erudite and popular traditions related to Hercules, the founding hero of Corunna, and eponymous hero of the Tower.

The Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina is a consortium of municipalities in the area around Lecce, including Calimera, Carpignano Salentino, Castrignano dei Greci, Corigliano d’Otranto, Cutrofiano, Martano, Martignano, Melpignano, Sogliano Cavour, Soleto, Sternatia e Zollino. The consortium was created in 2001 to support initiatives targeted at reinforcing the sense of belonging and the resilience of our communities. The Unione will provide logistical assistance to support the field research of AntCom’s doctoral students. It will also host outreach events targeted at linguistic training, capitalizing on its own network.

Noveolas Producciones S. L. was created in 2012 in Ourense (Galicia) for the production, distribution and development of audiovisual and musical projects. It will be involved with AntCom in the organization of a Summer School on non-fiction cinema, where students will be introduced to basic skills and competences in verbal and visual story-telling applied to cultural management and communication. This event will be designed and run by Marcos Nine, acclaimed screenwriter and filmmaker.

The Biblioteca Capitolare is the oldest library in activity in the Western world.  It holds a significant collection of about 1200 European manuscripts dating from the 4th century CE to the 19th century, written in Latin, Greek, Italian, French, Hebrew and Armenian. The Fondazione Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona was established in 2019, with the aim of preserving, protecting and enhancing the cultural heritage of the library. The Foundation facilitates access to the preserved material; collaborates with national and international research institutions; organizes conferences and public talks, educational workshops and museum activities.