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Within AntCom, SDU is responsible for managing the consortium and coordinating the training. SDU capitalizes on the experience and collaboration between departments and excellence training centers hosted by the University: the Department of Language, History, Culture and Communication, the Centre for Medieval Literature – CML; the Mads Clausen Institute – MCI; Dept. of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy; the Citizen Knowledge Centre.

CML is a Centre of Excellence jointly based at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and at the University of York. It looks at Medieval literature from a broader European perspective, beyond the insularity of national narratives, with a strong focus on multilingualism.

MCI is internationally renowned for competences in nanotechnology, photonics, quantum optics and materials science and is committed in providing assistance to industry to meet the challenges of the green transition.

The Citizen Knowledge Center, hosted by the Library and anchored at all SDU Faculties as well as Odense University Hospital has the goal of bridging the distance between science and the citizens by providing services to the researchers for conducting and implementing projects with the cooperation of the public.

Fellows at SDU will be enrolled in the PhD School in History and in the PhD School in Engineering. SDU’s horizontal campus-outline favors cooperation between different fields and domains of knowledge. Proximity allows and stimulates exchanges. A substantial role will be played both by the hyperspectral imaging hosted at MCI and by the holdings of SDU University Library’s Special Collection.