Laura Feldt

Laura Feldt is a historian of religion, Associate Professor of the Study of Religion at the University of Southern Denmark. She was originally trained in Assyriology (Copenhagen and Jerusalem) and the history of religions (Aarhus) and has since taken up further topics, now specialising in religion in the ancient world with a special emphasis on Mesopotamia, Judaism and Christianity. She has published articles and books on the formative roles of religious narratives, religion and media, the aesthetic and emotional dimensions of religion, as well as religion and the environment, especially wilderness mythology. She has also done work on religion in contemporary popular culture, especially the genre of fantasy. She was the editor-in-chief of NVMEN – International Review of the History of Religions (2017-2022), guest researcher at the Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo (2019), and she is currently the PI of the DFF-funded project Total Devotion – Passions and Plots in Radical Religion in the Ancient World.