Jakob Povl Holck

Jakob Povl Holck is a research librarian at the University Library of Southern Denmark. He holds a PhD in Nordic Philology and was trained at the University of Copenhagen. In his PhD thesis (2002), he investigates the concept of Danish medieval medical books, applying an interdisciplinary approach. Among other, he employs contact linguistics as a means of analyzing the morphological and syntactical interference between (medical) Latin and Danish. As part of his daily tasks at the University Library of Southern Denmark, Jakob works on the location, identification, registration and digitization of medieval manuscript fragments, pieces of incunabula and fragments of early modern books etc. which can be found in the library’s special collections. During his time at the university library, Jakob has received funding from the Augustinus Foundation (2015) for a project concerning the Herlufsholm Special Collection – and he has also been part of an SDU infrastructure project supported by the Carlsberg Foundation (2020).