PhD Students

Francesco Aresti

Francesco Aresti is a doctoral student at the University of Santiago de Compostela, working under the supervision of Rosa M. Rodriguez Porto and Fátima Díez Platas. He is based at the History, Geography and Art History PhD programme of USC, as well as associated to the Centro de Investigación Interuniversitario de los Paisajes Atlánticos Culturales (CISPAC). He holds an MA in World Heritage Studies from BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. His main research interests include critical heritage, narratives on cultural sites, and collaboration methods between institutions and local communities. His research project – A lighthouse at the end of the world: The Herculine legend and its posterity in popular Galician culture – aims to collect and document the oral narratives still preserved today about the Tower of Hercules located in A Coruña, and to analyze the interaction between erudite and popular foundational narratives, above all in the last decades when international tourism, the emergence of a network of so-called Celtic Nations, and the UNESCO recognition have brought the legendary traditions around the lighthouse back to the fore of public life and civic identity.