PhD Students

Isadora Martins

Isadora Martins is a doctoral student at the University of Santiago de Compostela, working under the supervision of Marco V. García-Quintela and Rosa M. Rodriguez Porto. She is based at the History, Geography and Art History PhD programme of USC, as well as associated to the Centro de Investigación Interuniversitario de los Paisajes Atlánticos Culturales (CISPAC). She holds an M.Sc. in Social History from the University of São Paulo. Her main research interests include history, literature, creative writing, and anthropology. Her research project – The cult of Saint Marina in Allariz and Saint Thecla in A Guarda: archaeological heritage and ritual re-signification from pre-Romantimes till today – aims to actively collaborate with both the archaeological teams working on the sites of Augas Santas and Santa Tegra, and the local communities, in order to articulate conceptual frameworks for a more granulated reception of the religious traditions and ritual practices generated by the cults of Saint Marina and of Saint Thecla, exploring issues of hybridization and liminality, historical and geographical imagination.