PhD Students

Konstantina Tsakona

Konstantina Tsakona is a doctoral student at the University of Verona, working under the supervision of Paolo Scattolin and Giacomo Marchioro. She is based at the Philology, Literature, and Performance Studies PhD programme of UniVr. She holds an MA in Mondes Médievaux Interdisciplinaires from the University of Strasbourg. Her main research interests include new methods of manuscript analysis through fragmentology, as well as the potential that the digital humanities can offer in the analysis of Greek handwriting, such as automatic handwritten text recognition or quantitative codicological analysis. Her research project – The hidden Greek: Greek paratexts and obliterated works in the palimpsests of the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona (1) – deals with lost texts in the erased layers of palimpsests and paratexts in the late antique manuscripts housed at the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona.