Marco V. García Quintela

Marco V. García Quintela is Ful Professor of Ancient History at Santiago de Compostela University. For the last twenty years he has published on the relations between thought and society, as well as on space as the stage for social action (Le pendu et le noyé des monts Albains, Brussels, Latomus, 2007; Santuarios de la Galicia Céltica, Madrid, Abada, 2008, with M. Santos Estévez; El Árbol de Guernica, Madrid, Abada, 2013, with F. Delpech; and Le mythe de fondation de Lugdunum, Paris, Garnier, 2022). In his work, he has built on the study of astronomy and on his cooperation with astrophysicist A. C. González García to get a “topological” understanding. Earlier in his career he has focused on studying ancient ethnography. He has been coordinator of the research cluster Síncrisis between 2004 and 2020, and the director of the series Trabajos de Arqueología y Patrimonio edited by the Spanish Research Agency (CSIC). He is responsible for the documentaries O sol nos Chaos and Lume na Auga.