Don’t judge a book by its cover… or maybe do?

Cover of Ciceronianvm Lexicon Græcolatinum, Paris 1557: In the picture on the left, a fragment can be seen with the naked eye under the layer of paper, inside the back cover of the volume. The scan on the right makes it readable.

Spring 1969. A special delivery comes to Odense from Naevsted, a town of medieval origins southeast of Zealand. 40000 books formerly in the possession of Herlusfholm, a four-century old boarding school, are unloaded at the newly founded Syddansk Universitet, which had just welcomed the first students two years before. A treasure trove, which would become… Continue reading Don’t judge a book by its cover… or maybe do?

Why AntCom

Alternative receptions (photo: Aglae Pizzone)

This is AntBlog, a place where whoever involved in the Doctoral Network “From Antiquity to Community” can share experiences, excitement, successes and – that too – frustrations and failures from within the project. A more personal spin on a four-year ride through manuscripts, languages, archives, monuments, stories from the past and training for the future:… Continue reading Why AntCom