“Greek, the language they gave me”… and I am not going to lose it

Nobody is foreigner here in Calimera. So says the engraving of the fourth-century marble stele donated by the city of Athens to Calimera (Lecce). From 1960 it has been housed in municipal park of Calimera, in a shrine that over time has become a symbol of hospitality and fraternity.

“I see here an excellent track record in Classical and Byzantine philology. And some research on modern Greek linguistics. Listen to me, keep up the good work on the former and ditch the latter: studying the margins will not do much to your career”. I was a young scholar trying to carve a space for… Continue reading “Greek, the language they gave me”… and I am not going to lose it

A series of unpredictable events…

Prof Paolo Scattolin working on a palimpsest in Leiden

The doctoral students who will study Greek marginalia and palimpsests in Verona will owe their (hopefully positive) experience to a series of unpredictable events in the professional life of yours truly. My interest in commentaries on the texts of classical Greek literature dates back to my Master’s thesis, in which I worked on Heliodorus’ esoteric… Continue reading A series of unpredictable events…

Why AntCom

Alternative receptions (photo: Aglae Pizzone)

This is AntBlog, a place where whoever involved in the Doctoral Network “From Antiquity to Community” can share experiences, excitement, successes and – that too – frustrations and failures from within the project. A more personal spin on a four-year ride through manuscripts, languages, archives, monuments, stories from the past and training for the future:… Continue reading Why AntCom