Fabio Coden

Fabio Coden is an expert in medieval art and history. He is particularly interested in the architecture and sculpture of the Latin and Byzantine areas, between the 4th-5th and 12th-13th centuries CE. 

After obtaining his PhD at the University of Udine, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Verona, where he became Assistant Professor. Since 2014, he is Associate Professor and teaches History of Medieval Architecture, History of Medieval Art and History of Byzantine Art. 

The main topics of his research are sculpture techniques, with a focus on mastic incrustation; architecture and sculpture on the Italian peninsula; epigraphy and art; cultural contacts between East and West. He has published studies on Veronese art in the 4th-13th centuries, the relationship between architecture and liturgy, pre-Romanesque and Romanesque architecture (11th-12th centuries), early medieval sculpture in the Latin world, the migration of models from the East, and Byzantine sculpture.